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Partner Enquiries

Would you like to present your customers with a unique dessert?

We are delighted that Wagashi (Japanese Sweets) are becoming more well known in the UK, and are keen to partner with businesses that appreciate the creativity of Japanese sweets as much as we do. 


What we offer

Mini Mochi Signature collection


Our small batch mini mochi are handmade, vegan, gluten free and made with simple ingredients and natural colourings.


Claudia has been refining her skills for over 3 years, and has developed a selection of popular and interesting flavours that also catch the eye. 

The sweets would also suit the process of pairing with their unique tea and coffee counterparts. 

Each mochi sweet is a culmination of 2 days of work. Starting with making Shiro An white bean paste, and Koshian smooth adzuki bean paste. Ending on the second day with each sweet being formed and wrapped with sweet rice dough in different flavours.

Research & Development

Would you like to create a signature Japanese dessert for your restaurant or café, and need someone to train your staff to use ingredients that aren't taught in Pastry school?

Claudia is available on a freelance basis to deliver creativity and support for businesses looking to expand their menus to include Japanese Confectionery. 

Interested? Drop us an email:


Signature Mini Mochi Collection

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