At Café Cloudywaaa you will notice the playful and studious details of Confectionery. The processes, histories and flavours are magnified through carefully written menus for our monthly afternoon teas, and our specially made weekly treats at Taguchi Ya Canteen in Totnes.


If you enjoy our sweet treats, you can also learn these skills in our private group workshops.


Have a peruse of our site, let us know if we can cater for you, or make something for a special occasion.


Cafe Cloudywaaa is a micro confectionery business run by Claudia Capocci, Joyce Nakatani Potter and Lucy Parker in Totnes, UK. 


Claudia is a trained pastry chef and a self taught, eternal apprentice of Wagashi Japanese Sweets. She is also a keen researcher on the economics and history of food.


Joyce is a freelance events organiser. After 8 years working for a high end events caterer in London, she has moved back to her hometown of Totnes to use her expertise to focus on her own personal projects.


 Lucy is a freelance illustrator with an interest in how visual storytelling can illuminate parts of history and our memories. .



Please use the form below to get in touch, alternatively e-mail us at cloudywaaa@gmail.com

We would love to chat about all things confectionery related!

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